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How To Get Your Nissan Radio Code

At, we decode all Nissan Radios in minutes from the serial number from your radio.

All Nissan codes are 100% guaranteed to be correct & unlock the unit.

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Nissan Connect Radio Code

Nissan Radio Serial On-Screen

When looking for a Nissan Qashqai Radio Code, this stereo system is most commonly fitted to your car.

  • The Nissan Connect system is the most popular model and also is the easiest to unlock.
  • Start by inputting the incorrect code into the system 3 times and a pop up will appear.
  • This is this information we need to unlock your Nissan radio.
  • Enter Your Serial number, Device number & the date as it is displayed on screen.

We Need to unlock your Nissan Radio: Serial Number, Device Number & Date.

Nissan Clarion Radio Code

Nissan Radio Serial On-Screen

Nissan Juke Radio codes will likely be using this method to unlock the radio, unless the unit was upgraded to the nissan connect system when new.

Nissan Clarion Serial numbers are only found from the radios label.

  • First, the radio must be taken out of the dashboard to gain access to the sticker label on the back.
  • Once the radio is removed, there are two numbers needed, the serial number and the part number.
  • The part number begins PN,PP on most clarion radios for example: PN2424.
  • Serial numbers are unqiue to each radio and are 7 - 14 letters and digits in total, please see image below for reference.
  • For Example: Part number: PP3001, Serial number: 0061942.

Nissan Clarion Label

Nissan Daewoo Radio Code

Nissan Daewoo Radio Code

Nissan Daewoo radio serial numbers are found on both the screen and the label on the back.

  • To get the information on-screen, enter a code 3x into the system and information similar to the Nissan connect radio.
  • Copy all the information that is displayed on the screen including the date to get your code.
  • If for any reason this does not work, removing the radio is a sure way to get the correct serial from the radio.
  • After removing the unit from the dahs, the serial will be printed on the sticker label on the back.
  • For Example: Serial#: DW35N29662, Part#: 28185BH30D Date#: 12-06-13

Nissan Daewoo Radio Label

How To Enter Nissan Radio Code

Entering a Nissan Connect code is simply using the touch-screen and press the "OK" button to confirm.

Nissan Daewoo, Clarion entering Guide:

  • Using the preset buttons 1-4 on the radio to enter the code, start by pressing button 1 multiple times until the first number displays.
  • Move onto buttons, 2, 3 and 4 until the correct code is on the display of your radio.
  • Dependant on which model of radio you have, the confirmation button needs to be pressed.
  • On the Daewoo Systems, this is pressing & holding down button "6".
  • On the Nissan Clarion radio, this is by pressing and holding down the central enter button.

Nissan K12 Radio Code

Nissan K12 Radio Code

Finally, if you are looking for your Nissan Note radio code, this is the radio which will be fitted to the car. If you have a newer version, the nissan daewoo system radio is installed.

Nissan K12 serial numbers are found on the sticker-label on the back of the unit only.

  • Removing the Nissan K12 radio is easy and only requires the use of radio release keys.
  • After removing the unit from the dashboard, the serial will be printed on the sticker label on the back.
  • For Example: Serial No: BP8348 B 2562238, Part No: 7 648 348 318.

Nissan K12 Radio Code

Is there a Nissan radio code hack?

No, unfortunately there is no hack to unlocking your Nissan radio. The only way to gain access to your stereo is to input the correct code into the system

This is done by using your unique serial number and the official Nissan decoding database.

Be cautious when entering codes into the radio as Nissan radios will completely lock after 10 incorrect attempts and then it becomes much more costly to unlock a locked unit.

Nissan radio code from vin number

To unlock a Nissan radio online does not require the VIN, all that is need is the required serial numbers from your device.

These allow us to find the correct code and request this from the official Nissan decoding database.

Getting your code is much more efficient and only takes around 5 minutes to get your unlock code.

Why does my Nissan need a radio code?

When a Nissan is made, the radio is assigned a random 4-digit code. This is to stop theft of radios as they will have no use once stolen.

Though, owners have found that when the battery is disconnected the radio will also require a theft code.

We use the serial numbers from your Nissan stereo to retrieve the correct unlock code for your radio online.

Which Nissan can we unlock?

We guarantee to unlock all Nissan radios in minutes. The only type we can’t is a Nissan radio that has had the incorrect code entered more than 10 times, if this is the case it must be taken to the dealership to be unlocked.

All we need is the serial numbers and we will unlock your radio online in minutes.

Our radio unlock guarantee

This is simple, we unlock your radio or a refund. We are 100% confident that we can unlock any Nissan radio in minutes.

All we need the correct serial numbers and your radio will be back up and running again in a matter of minutes.

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